April 10, 2021

Pin Up Manicure Smoothies, Natural Care Too Glamorous

Norma, Betty, Rita and Eva are the 4 stars of PinUp Smoothies Manicure's 2009 Beauty Collection, a range of face care and natural bodies, without paraben, without PEG (polyethylene glycol, a substance used to retain the water of the cosmetic product).

The new beauty brand PinUp Smoothies Manicure is dedicated to taking care of the beauty of the body and face of Pin Up like us!

The Clap Collection 2009 range offers care extravagant colors and fun names, such as Virgin Mojito, Limoncello Luffa, Tutti Frutti ... who will talk to all fashionistas addicted trends. The scents are exotic and delicious. These treatments that look like mischievous treats are crunchy!

Porcelain complexion, silky body, satin neckline, hands and velvet feet ... This range of beauty products takes care of us from head to toe.

Adopt the beauty gestures of the PinUp Smoothies Manicure line with one of the 7 scents of the exquisite "Loofah Soap Sponge" 100% natural with fruity scents. A real treat that reveals every day in the shower a perfectly cleansed skin, exfoliated and delicately scented. Care from 16? the 90 grams.

Also opt for the PinUp Smoothies Essentials Manicure Spa, a luxurious spa action at home with the Voluptuous Dead Sea Salts and Minerals flavored with essential oils of jasmine or eucalyptus: "Crystal Precious Bath - Aphrodisiac Nectar" for the gently, the "Crystal Precious Bath - Magic Elixir" Eucalyptus for a toning hammam effect guaranteed. Care from 22? the 600 grams.

Then, purify yourself with the "Aromatic Scrub Integral" blend of sweet almond oils, wheat germ and micropulverized salts of the Dead Sea will provide you with well-being and peach skin. This gentle, refreshing scrub gently removes dead skin cells. It leaves the skin visibly smoother, more supple and more hydrated. To use also in manicure and pedicure. Care from 29? the 425 grams.

Ultimate moment of beauty before going out: the Extra "Mask Milk Face Soap", natural and handmade with goat's milk, with extracts of tea tree and sage. The fine mousse of soap turns into a creamy white cream mask. To let ask 1 minute for a skincare complexion. Care from 15? the 140 grams.

The products in the PinUp Smoothies Manicure range are distributed throughout France, DOM-TOM, Switzerland, Luxembourg in selective distribution, perfume shops and beauty salons. More than 150 points of sale
Listing: +33 (0) 6 03 32 21 41 or [email protected]

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