December 9, 2019

Pippa Middleton, a bag with his name

You knew the Alexa, the bag Mulberry's name Alexa Chung, Chloé's Daria or Jerome Dreyfuss' series of it bags, each with a small name. Become a star of the web and the press people in just one week, Pippa Middleton is also a style icon!


If the young woman - who is betrothed remember - certainly did not appreciate being offered 5 million to shoot in a porn, it's a safe bet she was rather flattered to be awarded a bag to his name.


The day after her sister's wedding, Pippa was leaving her hotel wearing a Zara blazer, white jeans and a bag hand painted gray, the brand Bristol Modalu. Storming the brand has been forced to produce urgently a large amount of bags. On the waiting list, the bag renamed the Pippa will be available in June at unchanged price of 170 euros. It's less than a Birkin Hermes but an investment for fashionistas who already see themselves in the skin of Pippa Middleton !

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