August 15, 2022

Pippa Middleton, Kate Moss and Kelly Brook: the folly of slim jeans

After two seasons and many women traumatized by the slim jeans (true catalyst of complexes) it was finally thought banished from dressing fashion coaches in favor of jeans flare, elected this year, the hottest jeans of the moment since Elle MacPherson has does his official jeans. But with the arrival of Pippa Middleton and his royal ass, patatras, that's all the work of undermining that is to redo. Rented for its advantageous curves at the wedding of her sister, Pippa showed the whole world people that it could be dressed in 38-40 (and not 34) and curl the eye of these gentlemen ... .

And if this weekend, the myth took a hit when we saw Pippa in shorts and cellulite apparent in full jogging, in his wake many have come out their skinny jeans slim, proud to show their shapes. Among the long-time converts, Kate Moss, here in bagnard trousers or Kelly Brook in colored jeans (another trend of the summer).

Small tip to the interested parties: stop ice cream ... climb on a Powerplate and definitely avoid jeans + flat sandals. Girls, prefer wedges ... or stilettos for the evening.



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