March 26, 2023

Pippa Middleton: the queen of the bibi

While all eyes are focused on Cannes, the planet people has not stopped shooting. While Kate Middleton fulfills her duties as Duchess of Cambridge and Princess of England by participating in the festivities related to the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, her sister, who had not been talked about since her crazy Parisian trip, took advantage of the marriage of two of his friends to return to the front of the stage. What better way indeed to be noticed than a marriage to aristocratic dress code?

For the occasion, Pippa Middleton had brought out the bibi with integrated veil as to prove that she too could wear this headdress as well as her sister. Admittedly, she is not a future queen, but she still wears a royal head. And so as not to go unnoticed in the middle of all the heads, she chose her bibi carefully so that it puts the full view. It is so overhung with two giant pink flowers matching her dress. Take care Kate, Pippa is ready to steal the crown of you who wears the bug better. Side hairstyle and makeup, Pippa Middleton was also inspired by the look of her royal sister by opting for a wavy blow on the lengths and a natural and elegant make up where only the eyes, underlined in black pencil, are a little more put forward. Would the war of style be declared?

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