June 10, 2023

Pisces Horoscope 2011 - Ancestry

Pisces Horoscope 2011: the influence of your ascendant

Pisces Ascending Aries: With the planet Mercury culminating in the middle of your native Heaven, business luck should be at the rendezvous this year. You will only succeed your most daring moves. Unexpected opportunities will arise; take them by the way, but treat them without haste if you want to have the best chance of enjoying them.

Taurus ascending fishes: Priority to family matters! You will spend your time keeping your house flawless and managing your finances seriously. But you will disagree with your spouse on many points, and disputes may break out.

Pisces ascending Gemini: Highly motivated to achieve your professional or social ambitions, you will set specific goals. This will be one of the secrets of your success. You will also highlight your specific qualities.

Fish ascending Cancer: You will have a great desire to quickly develop your material situation. But the astral atmosphere does not seem to be favorable. So do not clutter new real estate or financial responsibilities in the immediate future: you would endanger what you have built painfully. Stick to the status quo, and take your time to develop new, more ambitious and effective strategies.

Lion ascending fish: With the planet Uranus under the sleeve, you will not find a better time than this year to carry out financial transactions or major real estate transactions. The circumstances will be particularly favorable to you, and you will be successful in advance.

Pisces ascendant Virgo: You will be full of energy, but it is problematic that you will manage very well all this tone. You would rather tend to spend a lot on insignificant things and turn your heels to problems of primary importance.

Fish ascending Balance: Marriage will attract singles with special strength. They will have every chance of achieving a very successful union financially. But you must not sell the skin of the bear until you have killed it; in the meantime, do not spend too much money on your love affairs; keep a small reserve because, in general, the income will be less quickly than you had thought.

Scorpion ascending fish: Be more realistic about your relationships with your children, especially if they are teenagers. Try to understand their point of view and their aspirations, because even if their ideas are different from yours, it would be foolhardy to conclude that they are necessarily wrong.

Ascending fish Sagittarius: In your work, you should benefit from your experience while respecting the established order. A radical change is not advisable this year. Use psychology and tact.

Capricorn ascending fish: You will experience a very pronounced taste for luxurious objects and pleasures. Do not deprive yourself of anything until it is likely to cause you financial problems. Spoil yourself a bit to preserve the joy of living.

Aquarius ascending fish: A lot of cheerfulness and animation in your social life. For sure, you will have a host of friends and relationships at your heels. New encounters will occur this year, and they will give you a lot of joy.

Fishes ascending Fishes: Financial transactions and transactions involving family property will be favored. You will also make good long-term investments, but only if you consult specialists.


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