June 13, 2024

Place des tendances, the big online fashion store

Place of tendencies is a site designed to meet your needs while trying to recreate the in-store purchase with all the benefits of the net.
Created by two textile professionals, Christine Dubun and Bertrand Rochebillard: their idea was to offer a wide selection of articles and brand new collections for men, women and children in a consistent environment.
Placedestendances.com brings together 45 brands and more than 4,000 references / colors. It is not about private sales or discount. You find the prices of the shops but you are delivered home without stress!

You still do not know what to wear for your evening with friends and you do not have time to go shopping and make your choice on the website. Place of tendencies and thanks to the VIP delivery, you will receive in the day your outfit.
The must: you can compare your favorite models, mix silhouettes and let your imagination go by creating different looks. You can also prepare your balances by toggling the items in your basket for D-Day. Here's a tasty service ...

Discover quickly: //www.placedestendances.com/


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