June 23, 2024

Plagg, when Scandinavian fashion settles in Paris

By dint of the fact that Sweden invests fashion and our wardrobes, we had to centralize all this in one place. This is precisely the brilliant idea that Barbara Kurdziel had three years ago when she decided to open Plagg, a shop exclusively devoted to Scandinavian fashion.
Former buyer of fabric at H & MBarbara is immersed in the world of fashion and creation. So easy for her to feel that Scandinavia is evolving into one of the cradles of a fashion that is both specific and accessible to all. And it is precisely to make it known that she opened her shop, selecting the creators whose models she sells according to her travels and her heartbeats. "My approach is commercial, She says, but there are designer pieces that have such a strong style that you can not resist them".
As a result, Plagg has the crème de la crème of Scandinavian and especially Swedish designers. Barbara Kurdziel for example has cracked for the creations of Camilla Norrback, a Swede who creates very pretty pieces while favoring ecological materials. At Plagg, we also find Minimarket, a small Swedish brand that goes up and meets even an international notoriety for some time, finding its place in the beautiful New York shops and famous serial-fashion models like Chloë Sevigny.
In short, to our delight and thanks to Barbara Kurdziel, Swedish fashion is now at your fingertips. Just to discover a "different approach to aesthetics"as she describes it,"a more refined fashion, more minimalist, with a real concern for comfort and well-being and always this little whimsical detail, offbeat"which is the specificity of Scandinavian fashion.
41 Charlot Street
75003 Paris
Tel: 01 42 78 37 60

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