May 23, 2022

Playskool, the history of the brand

The toy revolution begins ...

The notion of "play-based learning" was the inspiration of two women who worked in the early 1930's for the Schroeder Lumber Compan, a lumber company, in the United States. Former teachers, they based their first creations PLAYSKOOL on educational materials they used in class. Their first "work" was a wooden writing desk with a lid filled with supplies for fun learning for children.

PLAYSKOOL then had a very glorious start. But like the rest of the country, society had to fight to get through the dark years of the Depression. As proof, in 1940, PLAYSKOOL had been bought and sold five times, ending up in the experienced hands of Chicago-based Manuel Fink and Robert Meythaler. It is from this date that PLAYSKOOL really grew and soon became a must-have brand in the United States.

...Modern times, modern toys

In the late 1960s, Manuel Fink and Robert Meythaler wanted to retire. They sold the brand to the Milton Bradley Company, which was particularly famous for board games! PLAYSKOOL entered the modern era in a sensational way, with the launch of toys extremely innovative electronic devices (Alphie, Maximus ...) in the late 70's. It was in 1984 that Hasbro bought back PLAYSKOOL and MB. The emblematic characters of the brand, Mr. and Mrs. Potato found a new home ...

And nowadays?

In the 1990s, the brand Playskool has established itself as the reference for toys first age in France thanks to the launch of strong products, in particular "The garden of the discoveries", the first carpet of play for baby, the "soft-touch", the first toys rustling and colorful materials; not to mention the "Clipo", famous construction games for toddlers. To this was added a very strong communication around the famous slogan? 'Everything is played at the age Playskool'' and staggered and highly impacting TV commercials.

Then will come other successes, still relevant, like the Aero'balles, a circuit of balls animated to develop the dexterity of baby in music or the different reissues of Mr and Mrs Potato Head. Today, PLAYSKOOL is still a very strong brand in the world of toys of first age, guarantee of quality for the moms and guarantee of learning by the game for the children!

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