August 2, 2021

Podiums in my dressing room: I want shoes at low prices!

The art of the true fashionist is to succeed the bet of being stylish while respecting his budget. To look, just sometimes be the queen of good deals! A pair of Pierre Hardy pumps is a dream, but high prices can have the effect of angering our banker. To stay on good terms with the latter, without forgetting our fashion addict side, we trade our shoes Pierre Hardy against pumps Zara.

Most :
- They are 10 times cheaper. The Pierre Hardy shoes cost 500 euros on My Theresa and the pumps Zara are at 50 euros.
- The cut of the shoe and the size of the heel are really similar.
- The code of the three colors used on the Pierre Hardy shoes is taken again on the pumps Zara.
- The pumps Zara Shoppe easily in all the many shops of the brand.

If despite all, you still want to get the pair of Pierre Hardy pumps, it's here. (See the top of the photo).
To shop on the web without waiting for your original shoes Zara, just click here. (See bottom of the photo).

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