June 23, 2024

Police officers soon in schools?

In recent months, attacks on teachers have multiplied. It is to cope with this increasing rise of acts of violence with weapons that the Minister of Education has decided to create a "mobile force of agents". Their vocation would be to open the school bags of students suspected of hiding weapons in their bags. Even if Xavier Darcos specified during the 90e congress of the PEEP, an association of parents of student, in La Rochelle on May 21, that these people "trained and sworn in have the right to search" the students, he especially put forward "missions of prevention and control ". In practice, these agents should have the opportunity to go quickly to the institutions, to see the offenses and to confiscate the weapons.
If this decision has reassured parents, on the side of the majority, we call for reflection. Michèle Alliot-Marie, then Interior Minister, said: "We are not going to install police stations in the schoolsnor break up police forces to create a special brigade for every problem. "
On the left, we cry scandal. Jean-Jacques Hazan, president of the association of parents of FCPE student, shares the position of the Socialist Party: "It is not police officers who need difficult students but dialogue, education, listening. Even if they are formed units, the police arriving in the schools can only create a climate of terror for students. "

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