June 2, 2020

Portrait of Vanessa Tugendhaft: a thread worth gold!

When writing GirlsFromMainStreet.com, we all fell in love with Vanessa Tugendhaft's simple and refined jewelry. And if his collection continues to grow, it all began with a jewel: the diamond on a colored thread. A nice gift idea for the Valentine's Day !

GirlsFromMainStreet.com: Can you explain your background and the history of the Identity bracelet?
Parisian adopted, but of Belgian origin, I bathed in the jewelry since my childhood, thanks to my parents who are diamond. At 14, 15, I drew and I realized my jewels, to have fun. And little by little my friends started ordering me. But everything started a little later. I was 22 years old, I was studying business, and I had an idea. It was the fashion of the red thread, all the people wore it, but I did not find it very aesthetic. That's how I came up with the idea of ​​adding a diamond

This jewel, called Identity has since become the flagship piece of the collection. The principle is simple but effective. Offering a diamond for 300? Was something very new. It's a modern, younger way to wear diamonds. Then in 2008, I declined with different shapes, different colors. I really wanted to democratize the jewelry, make it accessible to all, that's why I declined the concept by offering an entry line, silver. 135? for a bracelet with a real diamond, it's a first in the world of jewelry.

Is this wire resistant?
Yes absolutely. This wire is unbreakable (it is made of ultra-resistant nylon polyamide) and the after-sales service changes it free of charge in case of breakage.

What are your other collections?
After Identity, I created another collection, Precious, sober jewelry, with a refined shape. Among the most successful models, Love Clover works very well. It is a very design clover, in pink gold, white and yellow.

There is also the Marquise collection. In this regard, I mention that part of the benefits go to two associations, Unicef ​​and ARS, which fight against lateral sclerosis. I also asked for my next campaign to 6 editors of fashion magazines to ask and choose their association.

Then there is Idylle, whose emblems are the butterfly and the rose. These are two models very girly, really feminine.

Where can you find your jewelry?
There are 150 points of sale in the world, especially in France and Belgium. But we also find them on the internet: on the website //www.laroseetlepapillon.com/ as well as on www.comptoirdesfilles.com/

See also the collection in pictures!

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