June 23, 2024

Poultry whites stuffed with prunes

Ingredients (for 2 or 3 rolls)
300 g very thin slices of smoked bacon
6 big whites of chicken
20 to 30 pitted prunes
Salt pepper

Cut a large rectangle of film paper, lay it flat on the worktop. Spread the slices of bacon over them and cover with the whites of poultry finely minced in the thickness. Season with salt and pepper and place a row of prunes at 1/3 of the surface.

Roll tightly, as for sushi, using film paper, to form a roll of 5 centimeters in diameter. Close tightly with the film and steam for 30 minutes.

Remove the film, drain, slice.

Fileto pule e mbeshtjelle me pancete - Chicken fillets rolled with Pancetta (June 2024)