August 14, 2022

Praise of jealousy: 10 good reasons to allow it

1. Because she is a proof of love
OK, you hurry up with questions every time he's ten minutes late, like a PJ inspector. But would you do that with a boy you do not care about as your first shirt? No ! So our Prince Charming does not have to feel flainted but flattered by your behavior.
2. Because she shows him that he is unique
There are men who are fleeing and those who are held back. He belongs to the second category. If you constantly dread that another throws his eye on him, it's because such a cocktail of intelligence, humor and charm in the same body, it does not meet so often. He is exceptional and you do not fail to express him, even if it's with your explosive household scenes!
3. Because it makes you vibrate more intensely
Living with a jealous woman is the guarantee of never falling into softness, routine, lukewarmness. With you, there is animation every day. We might get angry, yes, but never get bored!
4. Because she is an erotic detonator
And in the same way that it can positively shake your feelings, it can also act as a powerful aphrodisiac. Because how many couples, after slinging, love to reconcile on the pillow?
5. Because she scares her ex
Some narcissistic girls love to keep on hand their old conquests, to heal their blues, change their fuses or get outings restaurant-ciné. With your attitude of rabid cerber, it is a bet that no one of his ex will dare recall Cheri after having the misfortune to cross your path.
6. Because it forces you not to rest on your laurels
If you are jealous, it is because you are aware that there are some girls, in the social circle of your lover, who have qualities that you do not have (a plastic 0% cellulite, a general culture in concrete , etc ...). It inspires you to make an effort, for example by writing a Pilates class or starting to read something other than people magazines!
7. Because it brings you to work on you
If you realize that jealousy is a repetitive pattern that you reproduce in each of your love stories, it can lead you to ask yourself questions. Why are you so afraid of being abandoned? A good way to do your introspection. And why not with a psychologist?
8. Because it allows one to feel the strength of one's feelings
If your prince charming remains faithful to the post, do not take the tangent in spite of your crises of jealousy with repetition, it is that it is really hooked. So you can deduce that your couple has a solid foundation ...
9. Because it gratifies you with a salutary grain of madness
All week long, we demand that you be irreproachable and responsible, that you behave like a sensible adult with your colleagues, your boss, your parents, your banker. Result: by dint of playing the perfect girls, you feel slightly oppressed. Your jealousy is therefore your niche of immaturity, fantasy, your way of not entering the mold completely.
10. Because it is sometimes the barometer of the health of your couple
You have become fiercely jealous for a few months while you were not? It may be your feminine instinct that tells you that something is breaking down in your relationship, that your man is moving away. So, bring the discussion with him before it's too late!

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