October 27, 2021

Pregnancy: 5 tips to prepare for breastfeeding

feeding or not ? During the pregnancy it may be good to start thinking about it in order to better prepare your body and your head. From the most incongruous to the most archaic, exercises have often been imposed on women in many societies to understand this stage. Yet during the pregnancy breasts grow and nipples naturally strengthen. No need to opt for a big preparatory training, although some tips can be a plus.

Take care of her breasts
In the shower, we favor fresh water to promote circulation and avoid all soaps at high pH.
Learn to accept your body
Breasts are a part of the body strongly eroticized, to be more comfortable with his body during thefeeding, some small exercises upstream can be done for those who wish (massage, moisturizer ...).
Breastfeed ... Or not
By the end of the second quarter, the future mum can wonder about his desire or not to breastfeed. Thefeeding is a decision, not an obligation. There are several reasons that can be a hindrance, discussing it with those around you and listening to each other's experiences can be a good way to see things more clearly.
A healthy diet
No special diet, except that we keep in mind that food passes in the milk, so we try to have a healthy diet and avoid alcohol, tea or coffee.

The right equipment
It is advised to the future mum to learn about thefeeding and especially on the positions and ways to hold well baby. Better baby will be held and will feel safe, the better the suction will be and the less thefeeding will pose complications. To basic material, such as bra and padsfeedingin addition to other equipment to facilitate the task. Some women swear by the cushions offeeding while others prefer silicone breasts.

Breastfeeding Position and Latch (October 2021)