July 3, 2020

Pregnancy and alcohol do not mix

Now all bottles containing an alcoholic beverage and all the packaging ofalcohol must include a health message or a pictogram warning women of the risk of consumingalcohol during their pregnancy. The slogan "Zero alcohol during the pregnancy"is difficult to disseminate, in a country where the consumption ofalcohol, and first of all wine, is cultural.

With the new labeling of alcoholic beverages, the health authorities wish to sensitize women about the dangers of alcohol consumption.alcohol during the pregnancy. Absorbing a single drop during pregnancy entails a risk offetal alcohol.

According to the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (Inpes), "when a pregnant woman drinks a glass ofalcohol there is quickly so manyalcohol in the blood of his baby than in his ".fetal alcohol is the first non-genetic cause of mental disability in children. It can have more or less serious consequences, such as stunting, changes in facial features, central nervous system disorders, or intellectual disabilities.

In France, 700 to 3,000 children out of 750,000 annual births are affected byfetal alcohol. According to the figures of the Ministry of Health, the syndrome offetal alcohol touches 420,000 people in France.

Overall, 6.4 million people drinkalcohol every day in France, according to the last "States of the places Alcohol and health ", made public by the National Institute for Public Health Surveillance (Invs) at the end of 2006. The average amount ofalcohol pure absorbed each year by a Frenchman is 13.1 liters, three glasses per day. The most consumed drink, wine represents 60% of this quantity.

While these figures look impressive, they still represent a sharp drop. Since the early 1960s, the consumption ofalcohol has indeed diminished by two in France. First consumers in the world at the time, the French were ranked sixth in the world in 2004. Meanwhile, the consumption of wine fell sharply in the Hexagon, while that of other alcohols, like beer and spirits, stagnated.

As a reminder, every year thealcohol directly or indirectly kills 45,000 people in France. It is responsible for 98,000 hospitalizations a year.

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy Is Not Recommended (July 2020)