April 17, 2024

Pregnancy: How to choose a breastfeeding pillow?

What usefulness?
With the increase of the hips and chest turns during the pregnancyyou will feel choking if you do not support your arm and your leg during the night. And you will soon realize that a bolster will never be thick enough and flexible to stall against!
Instead, invest in a specific cushion: it will also help you to find your position during childbirth, and to place easily baby at the right height during thefeeding. He may also later help your child sit.

Which shop?
You will find in specialized stores in nursery cushions of pregnancybut generally the offer is quite limited. That's why it's better to expand your search field to web shops.

The price varies from 45? at 80? on average, to which it will eventually be necessary to add delivery costs. Feel free to search the internet for tests and opinions! And seek advice from the midwife who follows your pregnancyor even your physiotherapist.

What cushion?
Multiple forms are possible, although the most popular is the curved form. The length must be 1.70 m minimum, to support at least the knee to the head. Several qualities of padding exist: spelled 100% organic ball and hypoallergenic polystyrene microbeads (phthalates!) Much lighter ... The top is to ensure that your cushion accepts refills because over time, it may collapse.

A good cushion of pregnancy... it is also a good cover, which is unzipped. Cotton is preferable: it does not store heat, is soft and passes easily into the machine. The color is important: you can get tired quickly enough teddy print!
Remember that this is an object that you will use several times a day, and that will accompany you in every room of the house. So it's worth it to choose.

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