April 10, 2021

Pregnancy: how to organize a baby shower?

Who are the gifts for?

The gifts will come back to the future mother (day in thalassotherapy, box of bath products ...) and / or the future baby (children's clothes, baby bottles, comforters, toys or accessories of baby...). Do not forget the camera to immortalize this unique moment in a woman's life.

How to organize a baby shower?

Establish a list of guests.
- Agree on the date and time of the holiday.
- Choose the place.
- Prepare a list of gifts.
- Send the invitations at least two weeks before the big day by mail, email or phone.
- Provide decoration (balloons, streamers, garlands ...).
- Take care of the catering (drinks, cakes, sweet or savory appetizers, sweets presented on kebabs for example ...). If the mother-to-be is not immune to toxoplasmosis, do not bring some meat and wash fruits and vegetables properly. All about toxoplasmosis by clicking here. To avoid listeriosis, smoked salmon, cold cuts and raw milk cheese are to be discouraged as well as alcoholic beverages.
- Find game ideas that can entertain the future mom and the guests.
- Possibly provide small gifts of thanks, which will be given to the guests at the end of the baby shower.

You do not have time to organize a baby shower? Want to put the dishes in the big?

Sites and agencies are now specializing in the organization of this event. Some take care of preparing and sending invitations, offering friendly games for the "baby shower" afternoon, decorating, designing with a caterer cakes and sweets and communicating the list of birth.

Organizing & Preparing For Baby Girl | Pregnancy Vlog (April 2021)