May 29, 2023

Pregnant: 4 beautiful ideas to immortalize your pregnancy

A photo shoot at a pro: classic but effective
At a time when one multiplies the erasable clichés with the envy, age of the numerical obliges, to offer oneself or to be offered a session at a pro photographer gives back to the photography - with a big P - its letters of nobility. Alone or as a couple, with the brother and the sister if there is one, more or less naked, the photo shoot is a beautiful moment of complicity - provided you find the photographer with whom the contact passes .

Our opinion : an exceptional contribution to the photographic heritage of this new family, as long as we avoid the pitfall of kitsch! For that, exit the stagings pulled by the hair. In short, we remain natural!

A pregnancy time lapse: nine months in stop motion
In pro language, a time lapse is a video made from photographs taken at different times to present in a short time the evolution of the object photographed over a long period. Applied to the pregnancy, the principle is simple: to be photographed regularly (ideally several times a week) and thus its belly round up all along the video.

A project that of course requires to do it from the beginning of the pregnancy, with a minimum of unity for a successful result: the same background, the same outfit (predict wide and comfortable from the beginning!). Over the months, we can add small bonuses: a sign to indicate the month of pregnancy, echo photos, the revelation of sex ... and at the end of the short film, the boiling baby !

Our opinion : without question the most modern idea! To stand out and have a really personal result, bet on music or better yet, a small scenario.

A belly mold: keep track of her belly bounced
Inspired by the Blessing Way, a ceremony inspired by the Navarro Indian tradition, the belly molding helps to keep a tangible trace of her belly. pregnant.
The impression taken, ideally made in the 8th or 9th month to have a well round can, lasts about thirty minutes, and is, according to the pros, using plaster strips or alginates (a natural product to algae base), both methods being hypoallergenic. You can mold breasts and belly, one breast and belly, just the belly, one or two hands on the belly ... Once the molding dry, two possibilities: leave it natural or do it decorate with paint, collages.
There are also now ready kits (at Tim Baillou or at Baby Art, about 25 euros). Ideal to share a moment of complicity with the future dad!

Our opinion : a nice idea for lovers of the visual arts. Be careful, however, not to fall in bad taste: it will avoid exposing the molding to everyone, above the fireplace for example ...

Belly painting: an ephemeral art
Common practice in the US, the belly painting (belly belly) is directly inspired by body painting, or painting on the body.

For this aesthetic parenthesis, the mum can come with a very precise idea of ​​the desired design or give carte blanche to the artist. In both cases, the makeup artist uses a hypoallergenic makeup, guaranteed zero danger for the baby and his mum.

This particular piece of art is immortalized during a short photo shoot. A photo that some parents do not hesitate to use for a very personalized invitation, or as a decorative element in the bedroom. baby.

Our opinion : we love the hippie reminiscences of body painting and the ephemeral side of this beautiful artistic tribute to this little being to come.
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