October 5, 2022

Pregnant in winter: 5 tips to keep fit

Get moving


It's not because it's cold outside that you have to turn into an amorphous marmot! Cover well and get out. The walk is excellent for women pregnant as it improves blood circulation and helps maintain good muscle tone.


Bet on antioxidants


The immune system is weaker in women pregnant who fall more quickly sick, especially in winter? To strengthen your natural defenses, stock up on vegetables and fruits. The squeezed fruit juice will do you the greatest good and will allow you to hydrate yourself at the same time!


Take care of your back


When we are pregnant, the joints are subjected to severe test and the back more than the rest. However, it is even more important to take care of your back in winter, when the muscles are particularly weakened because of the cold. To avoid suffering from the back, opt for a firm mattress and go swimming from time to time. If nothing is done, consider using an osteopath or a physiotherapist who will do the appropriate massage.


Eat iron-rich foods


Iron increases resistance to infections, reduces fatigue, and reduces the risk of anemia. But women pregnant often lack iron because the supply of red blood cells tobaby largely decreases reserves. In winter, to keep the formit is therefore advisable to have a very rich diet of iron. You will find iron mainly in red meat, fish and pulses ... From 6th month of pregnancy, your gynecologist can prescribe iron tablets if you suffer too much deficiencies.

Pace yourself

Sleep well and take naps if necessary. Learn to say no to friends who want to get out if you feel weak and especially learn to delegate the most daily tasks? Your husband, your mother, your sisters or even your friends will be happy to lend you a hand in case of need.








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