April 17, 2024

Pregnant or not? The first signs that do not deceive

The delay of the rules
The first visible and objective sign that can alert you is a delay in the rules. If you are used to having a regular cycle and you even know when your periods will start, you will not have to worry about being late. All those for whom, lack of contraception rhyme with extended or disordered cycle, will have to be patient! Do not hesitate to note on a schedule the day of your rules to see you more clearly in your cycle.

In normal times you are rather very active, resistant to stress, able to chain meetings and evenings, but for a week it's impossible mission: you can not wait, sleep! As is the case for many women, a great fatigue can appear during the first weeks of the pregnancySo, be attentive to your mood changes or your shape, this could be a sign of a possible beginning of gestation.

Third and not least, nausea is reputed to be an infallible sign of pregnancy. Once again, if for some the change in hormonal state will be obvious, with repeated morning sickness, for many others it may be just an impression of having digested, to be bloated.
Only one good thing to do, be listening to your body because you can have all the symptoms like having none, or so so very weakly. And to be sure, take the test!