June 2, 2020

Pregnant woman fashion: future moms talk about trend

Virginie is 33 years old. She is expecting her first child and must now assume a rounded belly by 7 months of pregnancy. She says that at the beginning, when she learned that she was pregnantshe had not realized that her habits, but also and especially her wardrobe were going to take a hit: "Honestly, at first I thought I'd have time to think about dressing up of my pregnancy. But I quickly realized that my stomach was beating faster than I thought! And since I did not want to be at mass level trend, I asked my friends, already mom, for advice. They helped me stay feminine by advising me to assume 200% of my new silhouette. My thing is to mark as much as possible the roundness of my belly. I am pregnantand I'm so proud of it that I want people to see it 10 kilometers away! "

As for Margaux, she, getting dressed pregnant and staying in fashion did not cause any worries. "In fact, I'm a fan of Empires dresses and everything around my chest. I do not know why, by reflex maybe, but I have always very often bought clothes of this kind. It has always been pretty on my figure before I fall pregnant and it turned out to be super practical now that I am. Well, I still had some shopping to do, but I already had the compass in the eye ... I can even customize some large t-shirts by accessorizing a belt. I prefer not to do too much and feel good in my clothes. "

If 29-year-old Domitille is not in her first pregnancy, she still explains that getting dressed always remains an ordeal: remaining feminine when you are not necessarily good in your body, which changes. is a real fight: "I already had a little boy. And there, I'm waiting for my second baby. And as during my first pregnancy, I have a lot of trouble to harmonize fabrics, clothing cuts and colors. While it's not a problem for me when I'm not pregnant, the curves of my changing body make me tick to get dressed. I'm much less sure of myself in the harmonies that I try, and I feel very difficult to stay feminine and elegant. I think it's primarily because in my head it's as messy as in my body and suddenly I can not take a step back. Fortunately, my husband helps me a lot and pushes me to dare to put my rounded belly in value. He says that pregnancy is so ephemeral that you have to take advantage of it to dare things. He is not wrong, but it is not always easy to feel good in his clothes while our figure is constantly changing for 9 months. And then I rarely find pretty and stylish clothes for women pregnant. I prefer comfort rather than elegance ... "

As Domitille says, it's not always easy to feel in harmony with this new body that is yours, and that changes constantly. The important thing, whether or not you are good at getting dressed during pregnancy, is to feel good about yourself. Anyway, when we wait for a happy event, we forgive everything, right? So you can now put any tastings (or the possible laziness to make the effort to dress chic or feminine) on behalf of hormones in full revolution. And rest assured that the simple fact of being pregnant make you a being can not be more feminine. N / A !

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