May 28, 2024

Preparing the start: 5 good resolutions for overbooked mom

School Supplies: I buy online!
Nothing more stressful than the mission "school supplies" in supermarkets. Between the crush and the desire to quickly and well the purchase of supplies is a real chore, especially if your children accompany you So that "Back to SchoolNever rhyme again with hell, shop online! Internet sites like offer specials on school supplies and you can benefit from free delivery costs from 69 euros of purchase. You can also make your selection online on the websites of supermarkets and make the withdrawal of your purchases directly in store, you will avoid the crowd and you will save time!

I make my appointments for the famous medical check-up!
The Back to School also marks the resumption of sporting or cultural activities of children. The passage by the box "doctor" is essential to obtain the medical certificate which will allow your child to resume or start a sports activity at school or outside. Do not wait until the last moment to take stock of the vaccinations and to make an appointment with the dentist and / or the ophthalmologist for example. If you can easily get a quick appointment with the family doctor, it can take several months to meet other specialists.

I organize a big cleaning of pre-re-entry!
To get off to a good start, you have to see clear ideas. And to have clear ideas, you have to empty! Rooms children, drawers of the house, office ... Get rid of the surplus accumulated throughout the year (papers, pubs ...) and sort. Put your children to contribute by asking them to take care of their room and arrange with them a small corner office (new layout, new decor ...). The psys are formal, order and storage allow children (and adults!) to start on a good basis.

I'm full of clothes on my way home from vacation
For the children, back to school is synonymous with new outfit, new sneakers ... In short, our loulous want to be on top for the first day of school. Take the opportunity to renew the wardrobe at this time, you will be quiet for the next few months. If you are really overbooked, buy online! The advantage is that you can do it anytime, from your home or office! You will be able to enjoy watch sales and fill your cart without breaking the bank.

Back to School: I prepare everything before D-Day
Schoolbags, holding, breakfast ... Get ready the day before school starts, you will be much more serene the next morning and you will probably spend a better night!

To buy supplies online:

To fill up clothes without breaking the bank:

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