April 17, 2024

Pretty skin: beauty ritual in 4 steps

Step 1: Remove makeup every night
Whether makeup or not, it is essential to remove makeup every night. The first essential stage of a beautiful and effective skin ritual, it removes makeup, make-up and lipstick but also cleans the epidermis of accumulated impurities during the day (pollution, dirt, sebum). Even if you are tired or lazy, do not skip this crucial gesture, otherwise the asphyxiated skin - clogged pores - will react the worst way: acne breakout, dull and fuzzy complexion and even appearance of wrinkles. Every evening, it is clear space to allow the skin to regenerate effectively.
In addition, there is no point in spreading care diligently, if you do not go through the make-up box first. Indeed, the assets of our creams need a clean skin to act effectively.

Step 2: Put the gum on the exfoliation
Your skin lacks radiance? It smothers surely under the dead cells. To fight the gray mine, we take care to make a scrub once or twice a week, gently massaging moist skin with circular movements. This simple gesture makes it possible to lighten the complexion, to oxygenate the epidermis, to eliminate the excess of sebum, to refine the skin texture and to stimulate the cellular renewal for a more beautiful and luminous skin.
Be careful not to choose a scrub too aggressive. The skin of the face being finer than that of the body, one opts for scrubs fine grain. Sensitive skin may also choose scrubs enzyme. Without grains, they are less abrasive for the skin.

Step 3: Down the masks
Once the skin is cleared of dead cells, it is more receptive to the care that will be applied. This is the time to offer him a background treatment by offering him a mask for the face. Choose it according to its type of skin and its needs: purifying or descaling for oily skin, moisturizing or boosting for normal skin, nourishing for dry skin, soothing for sensitive skin or even anti wrinkles for mature skin.

Step 4: Care for the skin
Complete your beauty ritual with the daily application of a face care. Choose a moisturizer and protective in the morning and a nourishing and restorative care in the evening. As for the mask, it is important to select your skincare according to your skin type. In order to better meet your needs, do not just consider the fact of having normal, oily or dry skin but also if you lack of radiance, if your complexion is not uniform, if you have to both oily and sensitive skin ... Taking into account the global nature of your skin problems will allow you to better target the choice of your treatment.

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