August 14, 2022

Priority to caresses, to real ones!

Your body is a huge erogenous zone and becomes even more so under caress sensual. A man is therefore spoiled for choice to give you pleasure. Just let him want a little and take the time to tame your body to train you in the magic of pleasure.

Reminder of the main sensitive areas
- The genitals with the entrance of the vagina, the clitoris. Certainly, he never forgets them, but he does not know, alas, not always to bring the desired sweetness. Nevertheless, his caresses can be of course more supported, it is up to him to find the right measure to satisfy you and to guide you.

- Breasts, with a sensitivity centered on the nipple and its periphery. But a caress wide and supported all the breast is just as pleasant. Be careful that he does not mix like crazy, it's not pie! !

- It should not neglect the buttocks, thighs (especially inside), the neck, the neck, the hollow of the kidneys, the belly, the lobe of the ear. In addition these parts of your body are as sensitive to kissing as they are caresses.
Because the kiss remains a privileged moment during sex. Little parenthesis, many women are able to know if a man will make love to them the way he kisses them.

- It's all the heat, the curves of your body he must discover with his fingers, mouth, tongue or even sex. Make him understand that you like that he varies the pace of his caresses. Tender, light or supportive, they are conducive to true relaxation and confidence. The sexual arousal thus increased helps you to reach the seventh heaven. (You see he will find only advantages to take a closer look at your famous erogenous zones ...).

Last suggestion to him: after the orgasm, it should not stop in this good way and extend this moment of shared pleasure by continuing to touch you, caressing you gently the skin became even more sensitive.
NB. The caresses are not the privilege of men ....

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