August 14, 2022

Professional forecasts of Cancer for the year 2008

First Quarter: This time, you will be able to move forward in your job. Those of you who have recently had to be patient in the face of all kinds of mishaps will finally see Heaven free. Your projects will have the wind in their sails, and you will enjoy them without waiting. Only natives whose job is in relation with the foreigner, whether in travel, business, finance or languages, etc., may experience some difficulties; but, patience: even in this case, your troubles will not be lasting.

Second trimester: Jupiter and Uranus in your Heaven will certainly push you to improve your professional situation. But the ball will be in your camp: it is you, and you alone, who will decide possible modifications. However, be careful: chance this time will make you meet people who will expand your interests and with whom it will be possible to put something new and interesting on foot.

Third Quarter: March will increase your competitive spirit, but may instead make you aggressive. Your relationship with your colleagues may be a little tense, and it will take a spark to ignite the powder. Be careful, too, of your impulsiveness, which will push you to make decisions on a whim or to change course for no apparent reason. However, if you are careful to channel your energy toward positive, precise goals, you will achieve excellent performance.

Fourth quarter: You will not waste time! You will mobilize all your energy, and you will establish a vast battle plan in order to reach your goals as quickly as possible. And very soon you will reap the fruits of your efforts. You will win the long-awaited promotion or, if you practice job independent, you will show amazing audacity, and you will rise to the strength of the wrist.

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