August 16, 2022

Protect the outside of your home

The outside of the house is as dangerous as the interior, especially in the summer because of the barbecues. These are not always stable and the risk is to make everything fall to the ground. The other danger comes from the projection of embers.
Prevent your child from approaching the barbecue as much as possible, install a barrier all around if necessary. Explain to him the dangers he faces in defying your ban. Do not leave your grill unattended and above all, place it away from vegetation and wind. Do not use alcohol or any other flammable liquid.
Gas barbecues, including hard, are a good alternative to charcoal. On a balcony, the best is still to opt for an electric barbecue. But again, have your child look after you while you grill.
What about the garden?
Before inviting friends around a barbecue, you take care of your garden and your lawn. Always shut off access to the garden shed and garage if you store your lawnmower and tools there. Prevent your child from approaching you when mowing the lawn.
On the grass, beware of mushrooms, with attractive colors for a little one. They grow quickly after a rain and are usually near trees. Take a regular tour of your garden to flush out and remove them. Similarly, check the holes in the hedges through which your toddler might sneak.

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