September 30, 2020

Put on makeup at 40

Focus on the natural
Makeup can look very natural although accentuated by touches of color.
At the level of the complexion, one uses a foundation, an anticernel to hide the imperfections. The choice of the foundation must be done according to its type of skin, neither too clear, nor too dark, for a more natural effect. We model and give relief to the face with ultra fine powder in shades of light beige or dark brown that enhance the cheekbones and dig cheeks.
Eyes, seductive, can be illuminated by touches of color added to the eyelids: brown, pink, orange, gray. To accentuate the look, a line of black eye liner deepens the look. The mascara, preferably lengthening effect, puts the eyes in value.
At the level of the lips, a discreet and warm pencil line matching the lipstick redraws precisely their outline. Then apply a brown lipstick.
Focus on color
Sophistication with colors in the eyes, lips and cheeks.
For the complexion, the foundation remains the foundation with a touch of loose powder to even out the complexion. The best is to choose a medium coverage product that fits your skin type. The colorful makeup is achieved by emphasizing the look with eye shadows in complementary colors of the iris (light or dark blue, mauve, black brown, gold, light green, gray-green ...).
The lips are highlighted by an intense color, in light or dark tones.

Soft Youthful Makeup - OVER 40 (September 2020)