July 12, 2024

Quince, a fruit with unique flavors

Origin and characteristics

Originally from Asia and cultivated since 4000 BC, quince is a fruit pips, similar to pear by its shape and color. He has a very strong smell and an flesh ofure. The different varieties of quince are: the Champion, the Giant of Vranja and the Quince of Portugal. Little thing to know: a quince is ripe when covered with an end fluff, which can easily be removed by rubbing it.

Benefits / Virtues

Quince is a fruit with beneficial and protective actions for intestines. It is recommended for digestion problems and has anti-diarrheal properties. In addition, quince is provided in vitamin C and low in caloric intake. Moreover, this fruit makes it possible to lower the cholesterol level and the glycemic index, which is the concentration of glucose in the blood. In some areas, like Afghanistan, quince is even used to fight pneumonia.

How to use quince?

Be careful, quince is inedible when raw! So you have to cook to be able to use it. Very often, quince is added, in dice, in apple pies, jams or compotes apples. Appreciated for its scent, very strong, quince can also serve as an accompaniment for tajines, poultry or stews. It also makes liqueurs, such as ratafia. Finally, do not hesitate to taste the dough or quince jam. Two recipes that will bring out the special aroma of this fruit.

Did you know ? The term "marmalade" originally meant "quince jam".