August 14, 2022

Rachida Dati in the countryside perched on red boots!

We knew it crazy fashion, and shoes red sole with the click-clack of heels marked the presidential campaign of 2007. Ex spokesman candidate Sarkozy, former Minister of Justice, the one who was said to lack recognition and favors at the Elysee Palace reconnected with the country atmosphere.

Past master in the art of buzz and "talk about yourself", Rachida Dati used an unusual weapon on the platform of the meeting of Nicolas Sarkozy: boots in suede of a bright red. Red like the lipstick of the former minister ...

Gray slim jeans, black jacket, and boots red ... a fashion signature for those who enjoy playing their image of "crazy fashion". After the leather jacket H & M for Versace, the stilettos and the Dior panther dress, Rachida Dati persist and sign!

Ban Ki-moon | The Do Good Generation (August 2022)