May 23, 2022

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2011 - Love

Chinese Horoscope 2011: love for the sign of the Rat


First trimester : You will have the art of putting your spouse or partner on hot coals! By reminding him, for example, that he has an interest in being up to the task, especially on the cuddle side, if he does not want to see you go get your pleasure elsewhere! This tactic will at least have the advantage of avoiding routine and monotony in your married life and preventing the other from falling asleep in a quiet purr. But, if you put a little too much pressure on him, the atmosphere will become downright explosive. Single, you will be a true heart of artichoke, and you will multiply the brief adventures. However, you will have chances to make a meeting out of the ordinary. The person in question can bring you a lot. Let him at least have the time to prove it to you.

Second trimester : With this aspect of the star Hi Than, be ready to welcome every opportunity to give a boost to your couple and make your spouse or partner vibrate. All in all, you will escape the violent conjugal storms. But you will not have to fall asleep in a quiet purr. If you live alone, you will be very solicited, and your success in love will flatter your ego. However, there will be love at first sight in the air, and this person will take an important place in your life.

Third trimester You'll be ready to change your habits and make an effort to break the daily grind and marital routine. Of course, it is not your spouse or partner who will complain! So, well-being and pleasure will reign supreme in your life as a couple. If you are free, you will live a little more day by day, and you will enjoy the many pleasures that will pass within your reach, instead of just thinking about yourself.

Fourth trimester : With this aspect of the star Thien Su, your married life will smell of sulfur! Your heart will be upset, capsized. Couples, even long-bound, will experience new experiences together, and "migraines" will be forgotten in favor of a frenzied quest for eroticism. If you live alone, this aspect of the star Thien Khoc can be translated in various ways: encounter, love at first sight, happy upheaval in the sentimental life, unexpected evolution of the feelings or the intentions of the loved one. In fact, everything is possible, but in a good way.


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