December 10, 2023

Reading for children: when he learns to read

The basics of learning

To know how to read it is necessary to decrypt a code and to capture its meaning, which is not an obvious thing. When some children learn to read, they sometimes guess the words with the help of context and sometimes they are wrong. But knowing how to read is already faithfully reproducing the words of the author.

Learning to read and long and tedious, and parents play a vital role at this time. By conveying their enthusiasm for a novel they have just finished for example, and speaking of an article they have just read, they can arouse the child's curiosity and motivate him to learn.
The primary role of the school

Usually your child will learn to read with a teacher, so you will have to trust the teacher in his learning methods not to confuse the mind of your child. Even if for you "it was better before" and too bad.

For your child to have confidence and not demotivate in front of the first difficulty, show him how far he has come from reading his first letters to now.
Sharing the reading is done in many daily tasks and this is useful to learn the rules of a game, to make a cooking recipe, to buy a specific brand, to read the name of the episode of the cartoon that one chooses on a DVD. All these little moments in a day are so many perches stretched to the child so that he understand the interest of this teaching.
The role of parents from an early age

The more a child has a precise and rich vocabulary, the more it will help him in learning to read. To develop this vocabulary you can afterschool or while having dinner, ask your child to tell their day. Help him by putting the events in a precise timeline, and summarize what he has just said in a different way to show that you understand what he is telling you.

Finally continue to read stories, even when he already knows how to read, and train him to read everywhere: in the subway, in the shops, there is no lack of opportunity to read in a day of the moment that all this revolves around of play and pleasure.

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