October 5, 2022

Recipe: marinated pepper verrines and Beaufort with basil

For 4 people
Preparation 30 minutes
Cooking time 10 to 12 minutes
Marinade 2h
Easy level

3 peppers red
2 peppers yellows
120 g of Beaufort
Salt and pepper

For the marinade:
3 limes
1 small boot basil 
5 cl of olive oil

Cut the peppers in two, seed them, then eliminate the stump. Grill them on the skin side. Remove when they are black on the surface. Cover with a sheet of aluminum foil, let cool, then peel them thoroughly.

Cut the Beaufort into thin strips or chips. Squeeze the juice of the lemons and finely chop the leaves of basil. Prepare the marinade by mixing with a whisk all the ingredients that compose it. Cut the peppers in 4 or 5 pieces each, and in a salad bowl, mix them with the marinade. Salt, pepper and marinate in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

Carefully fill the glasses with the peppers and Beaufort. Alternate layers of different colors of peppers and cheese. Decorate the surface of each jar with a beautiful sheet of basil. Serve well fresh.

(Recipes from the book Hachette Pratique "Beaufort high in flavors").

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