August 15, 2022

Relaxation: 5 Yoga lessons to apply daily

Become aware of the stress
It is remarkable that most of our doctor's appointments are frequently induced by too much stress. And if a certain stress can be positive, an excess of nervous tension creates a mental imbalance, tends the muscles and causes an easy and superficial breathing. On some occasions, one does not even realize that a situation is stressful but the body, luin feels accumulation that can manifest itself in different ways. The practice of yoga allows to push back these situations of stress.

The relaxation in the detachment
Easier to theorize than to apply on a daily basis, detachment is nevertheless a solution to take a step back from the situations of life. Here is an example of a state of mind that avoids stressful situations. The detachment has nothing to do with negligence or complete indifference.
To be detached in Yoga, for example, is to feel a deep affection for your children, but to be aware that they do not belong to you.

Know how to slow down
Again, it's not a question of getting it smooth. Slowing down can be a source of greater efficiency. By this means to think of a hollow in the timetable as a good thing, not to act in haste nor to procrastinate ... not to postpone at the last minute; to know how to communicate, but not to look for confrontations; and finally, accept that the world is flawed!

Loosen the grip of his ego
Yoga masters have become so detached from their ego that they seem to be superior souls. Without having this ambition, to be centered on one's person, to identify oneself with one's body without thinking about the universe as a whole is a great source of stress. Think about the world, think relaxation !

The breathing of sleep deep
Finally, here is a major tip lavished by Yoga. Given the importance of sleep deep in the well-being and the relaxationIt is better to know how to sleep well. If you have problems with sleepknow that breathing exercises can help you. Lying on his bed, a pillow under the head, another at hand, proceed with expirations twice as long as the inspirations. The breath must not be too forced, it must not be an effort. Practice this breathing 8 times on the back, then 16 times on one side, 32 times on the other, a cushion between the knees for its last positions. Good night !

For beginners who want to know more: Dummy Yoga by Georg Feuerstein and Larry Payne (First Editions)

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