May 28, 2024

Remedy unusual beauty: the secrets of Vaseline

Now, the stars are no longer in hiding, their secret beauty to show this Hollywood glamor is simply Vaseline. Tyra Banks uses it to make a mouth fuller by applying a thick layer on the lips before going to bed. The singer Estelle, she can not do without it since a make-up artist told him that put in the evening under the eyes, it was the best concealer remedy. Adriana Karembeu and Lily Allen use it instead during the day to moisturize their skin and protect themselves from cold bites.
Addiction to petrolatum, the last fad of stars?

That's right, some beauty tips of people seem a bit far-fetched, but this time they are just right. Vaseline can actually make us many services in the bathroom. Moreover, she has been diverted into a beauty product by the pros and many beauty addicts for a very long time. Because this petroleum jelly created in 1872 is also very rich in vitamin A and E, making it an ideal moisturizer for dry areas.
Feed and repair dry areas
Known for its moisturizing properties, Vaseline can be used on the lips, face, hands or feet. It is an unstoppable weapon against chapped and damaged lips, to ask generously in the evening or during the day. It can even be applied to the commissures if they are cracked. It also repairs damaged or cracked hands. In winter, if you have dry skin, it is used on the face to protect and nourish. Finally, in the evening, we make a mask for feet. Vaseline is applied thickly to the feet before putting on socks and going to bed.

Warning the eyes
Vaseline has also proven itself as eye contour. It is not only the perfect preventive anti-dark circles remedy, but by perfectly nourishing the skin under the eye, it also prevents the appearance of fine lines (which will potentially become wrinkles).

A doe look
Using a little less known, petrolatum would also have longer eyelashes and thicker. This should be done by applying a touch of vaseline to the base of the eyelashes, finger or with a mascara brush, and massage. The process would lengthen and thicken the lashes as it stimulates the hair follicles.

In fact, if in France, petrolatum has a sulphurous reputation because it is mainly known for its lubricating properties, in England and the United States, it is considered a classic beauty product that can be found elsewhere. cosmetic department stores. Vaseline, which is a brand, is even in some countries a brand of skin care. There are body treatments, hand creams or Vaseline lip balms. So we do not hesitate to appropriate this remedy of grandmother for fear of when will we say.

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