December 3, 2020

Reminiscence perfumes with gourmet notes

The fourth perfumes Reminiscence, Les Notes gourmandes, are the fruit of collaboration between ZoƩ Coste and Lilla Amaddeo. This unique collection was launched this summer, and Reminiscence's nose was inspired by Marie-Antoinette, the queen in the boudoir sweet and refined.

In green, Do re contains heliotrope extract, a small flower in search of sun, at perfume subtle.
In pink, Mi fa is a melody with marshmallow chords, a true suave and acidulous delight.
In yellow, a flight of light notes for Sol la, based on eucalyptus, rosemary and bitter orange flowers.
In purple, Si do is rare and precious notes such as the iris of Florence, the ambrette and cedar, to exude a woody and sensual nobility.

Gourmet Notes, Reminiscence, 90? the 100 ml

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