August 2, 2021

Rental, camping or holiday club with children: pros and cons

Rent a furnished
For: Renting a comfortable furnished apartment is certainly the most practical solution when you have a family. Each child can have his room, the kitchen is fully equipped, and the bathroom any comfort. In addition, some caring hosts also provide tenants with Internet access, home theater, Blu-Ray and other board games. What to occupy the evenings.

Against: The choice of furnished is essential, as its location. Avoid a rental located along the highway and avoid hamlets if you are looking for animation. If the village is too small, your children may be bored quickly. So prefer a resort to the sea or the mountain, which organizes outings and evenings. And always plan occupations. On the other hand, when you arrive, do not forget to go shopping to fill the fridge, and clean the furniture before returning the keys.

For: For children, sleeping under the tent is a real adventure! With toddlers, prefer a 3-star campsite with a swimming pool and several sports facilities (tennis court, mini-golf, ping-pong table ...). If you want to do some visits without them children, make sure the property offers a mini club service, and entertainment for teens. This will allow them to be occupied during vacation.

Against: The toilets are rarely nearby and hygiene is sometimes rudimentary. If you are straddling cleanliness, prefer a mobile home. If you have a baby, again, opt for a bungalow. You will be able to change it more easily and, above all, it will be cooler than under a tent. In addition, if you are prone to back pain, prefer comfort and leave the tent to teens.

Club of vacation 
For: Everything is planned! Adults can go on excursions while younger ones are taken care of by different clubs depending on their age. Mini-golf, tennis courts, private beach, pedal boat, swimming pool ... vacation bend over backwards to attract families. Depending on the formulas, meals are sometimes included in the price. And are often served 24 hours a day. No need to take out the wallet. If your little one wants ice cream, just use it. Teens are not left out since the hotel-clubs often offer sports activities and are equipped with a nightclub open to all.

Against: The clubs of vacation are often big structures where it is easy to get lost. Fortunately, the mechanics are well oiled. And one child lost will soon be brought back to his parents. Moreover, if you are looking for tranquility, especially if you have a child in the early ages, some club-hotels offer bungalows, better equipped than the rooms, for families.

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