August 15, 2022

Rihanna cracks for a penis pouch by Vivienne Westwood.

We know a little more about the strange object that Rihanna exhibited yesterday in London in front of fans and paparazzi. Contrary to what one might think, it is not a sex-toy gold or other doubtful object but ... a handbag. Earlier in the evening, the singer had posted on her Instagram account a photo of the accessory in question: a black leather cover covered with a golden pattern representing a huge penis. Quite simply. On the image, we recognize the hand of Rihanna, adorned with red varnish and multiple rings, but especially the origin of this new fashion trophy. Indeed, in the background is placed a Vivienne Westwood shopping bag and the case that contained the cover in question.
Compulsive shopping or gift from Vivienne Westwood?

It remains to be seen now if this is a love of shopping or a gift from the eccentric British creative. Next to the bag, you can see a letterhead with inscriptions difficult to read. We can nevertheless assume that it is a prayer message Rihanna to accept this present of a particular taste. Aged 72, Vivienne Westwood is known to have a certain sense of provocation in the image of our favorite Riri. No wonder then that she loved her new accessory and decided to show it to the whole world by brandishing it at the level of her crotch.

What about the next step? After River Island, we could imagine Vivienne Westwood propose a fashion collaboration to Rihanna or simply ask him to scroll for his next fashion show. The idea is launched.

The Ritz (August 2022)