May 30, 2020

Rihanna has fallen for a short, curly haircut!

She strutted recently on her Instagram account, proud to have swapped her brown hair for a mane entirely gray (see our article: Rihanna dyes the hair gray!). Rihanna even boasted of launching a new hair trend, advocating "gray is the new black". Mouai, not very convincing ... This news haircut was not unanimous among the various media that relayed the information. Sometimes compared to a witch, sometimes to a grandmother, the singer had somewhat missed her transformation. Never mind ! Riri seems to have changed his mind today. The superstar has just post a new photo on Instagram, showing it, head bent to the side, face half hidden, eyes lost in the emptiness and hair ... cut very short and curly. Real chisel or optical illusion? Impossible to know for the moment.

One thing is sure though: this cup differs from the previous ones. No red streaks, eccentric coloring, or hundreds of extensions. Riri's hair is here natural. And we love it! Softer, less trash, and more "innocent" (if it is still possible to use this term to talk about the sulfurous Rihanna), the singer transforms totally thanks to this haircut. Cup to which she still struggles to get used to, judging by the comments she makes on her Twitter account: "I still do not get used to my new hairstyle." Hoping it will not change again, soon. Because, from our side, we are totally fan of this transformation ...



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