March 26, 2023

Rihanna: her secret beauty, fake hair!

It goes from short to long at leisure, but especially from black to color at will! At the moment Rihanna opted for red. A way for her to talk about her, to be not as eccentric as Lady Gaga, but easily recognizable and recognizable by the paparazzi.

The music star loves fashion, but sometimes it does not always make it. Also, if we liked the Rihanna short cut, hair blacks and then the Rihanna short cut, hair red, should we necessarily love the Rihanna hair long and red? Rest assured, no obligation, far from it.


But what are the secrets of the beautiful Barbadienne to go from one cup to another in no time? Here are his options:

Star wigs:
The beauty has the means to afford the latest wigs to go from short to long in record time. Beyoncé herself would be a follower of this kind of metamorphosis.

The extensions:
This is the miracle formula for all those who dream of bouncing their hair a little and lengthen it here and there. There are also different types of extensions, those called clip and those to ask through keratin, the most common. However, the technique has its limits, especially when one wants to display the curly and long hair of Rihanna.

American weaving:
On the same principle as the extensions, the American weave allows you to strut with a brand new cut, hair long wind, without wig effect and with maximum discretion. The principle ? Hang on to your hair large wicks, often hair longer. Another option for Rihanna, certainly the best and most discreet.

Traditional weaving:
This technique is still used by many women. It's about braiding hair in rows along his skull and come sew (yes sew) rows of locks of hair. More natural than a wig, this technique has had its day and has been overtaken by American weaving.

In other words, from a haircut to the other, Rihanna has the choice. But be reassured, his hair do not defy the rules of nature. She just knows how to help herself!


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