October 5, 2022

Rihanna replaces Megan Fox for Giorgio Armani

At 23, Rihanna international hit-and-miss, linking titles and successes, changing the styles of his so instantly recognizable voice and creating his company, Rihanna Entertainment with a film department, perfume, fashion, book ... and music. The one who was the face of Nivea for 100 years of cream will now be the new woman Giorgio Armani.


The Italian house chose the singer of S & M to embody his line Underwear and Jeans for the fall-winter 2011-2012 collection. A silhouette much more pulpy than that of the splendid Megan Fox, lanky on the pictures of the latest Armani campaign. Two physical and two different characters but a sex appeal still assumed. Yes Rihanna has accustomed its public to be dressed, the body of the new muse should be truly magnified for the first time for images that hope to discover in September.


Megan Fox Hot Armani Model! (October 2022)