December 1, 2021

Rihanna vs. Nicole Scherzinger, who best wears the dress with clams neckline?

Summer mood requires, our little summer dresses take off and opt for ventilation. After the backless dress, and the split dress that made the buzz of Angelina Jolie's, it's the turn of the cleavage cleavage to panic the planet fashion. Sexy devil, he has the power to raise the temperature ... At this little game, Rihanna do not miss arguments in her virginal white dress, but not very wise ... Worn without a bra, this type of Evening dress lets in fact guess the birth of the breasts, for an ultra sensual effect. And if usually, Rihanna has a tendency to fall into vulgarity, it is clear that this time, the effect is attractive ...

More bimbo than Rihanna ? Here is the very bling-bling Nicole Scherzinger at his birthday party ... all dressed in gold, to shoes, knots. The ex Pussycat Dollas has ranked his lapdance bar but has lost none of its sex appeal ... we regret however the outrageously sexy side of the whole ... Too bad!

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