May 29, 2023

Rita Ora, Beyoncé copy of the MTV Video Music Awards

For once, we break the codes. The beauty look of this Monday, August 26, 2013 is a beauty look unusual because it highlights a kind of act of plagiarism. Because yes, what a surprise to see Beyoncé attend the ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards in a very bright dress with a vertiginous neckline. Except that, oops, no, it's not Beyoncé that is but ... Rita Ora ! Yes, the young British singer had adopted a very Queen Bee beauty look for the occasion, a beauty look whose centerpiece is a blond square that Beyoncé herself has only been showing for a few days ...

So, Rita Ora had decided to cut his pretty blond curls, to make a line on the side, and to straighten his hair to make a square straight and straight, platinum blonde and slightly visible roots. The same with a few details that Beyoncé showed last week on his account Instagram. It seems that the square smooth and blond is in vogue among the stars. To stand out somewhat from Madam Jay-Z, Rita Ora had however opted for a straight cut and not a dipping square. This small detail is the only noticeable difference in hairstyle between the two women.

If the British singer certainly played the MTV Video Music Awards, however, it can not be said that this choice was the wrong one. Because it must be admitted, the platinum straight square goes pretty well to Rita Ora. This change of head gives her an air of diva, both elegant and sophisticated. Especially since the singer had opted for a rather sober makeup. Black and long eyelashes enriched by a good blow of mascara, a pearly eyeshadow to illuminate and enlarge the look and a light black pencil line at the level of the lower lashes and you're done. We are a little less convinced, however, by the choice of lipstick very light beige slightly rosé. The young woman narrowly avoids the misstep thanks to its caramel skin which allows it to assume this daring shade and difficult to wear when one has clear skin. We are far from his traditional carmine mouth!

Rita Ora so was right to (well) copy Beyoncé. We regret the lack of originality of the young star but we still welcome its successful beauty.


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