July 5, 2020

Rita Ora in Flamboyant Evening Dress Marchesa at MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

Rita Ora chose a Couture outfit to make a splash on the red carpet. The singer addicted to the disproportionate looks wears, during this red carpet, a Evening dress for the less impressive. The holding of Rita Ora is divided into two distinct parts. The bottom is made of a drapery taffeta color vermeil, this part of the Evening dress of Rita Ora is the most disproportionate. The irregular folds add to the overall look of our British. The top of her dress is subtly sexy. Indeed, the nude background is set with blood red embroidered flowers! Long sleeves and a small collar add a touch of "holy nitouche" to the set. No accessory is solicited by the singer, the dress serves as a unique jewel in the skin.
We note that his lipstick is totally fitting with the color of his Evening dress. Rita Ora definitely has a sense of detail. We love his unstructured hairstyle that reminds us of the bottom of his taffeta dress. Rita Ora So once again managed to make a sensation at a party inevitable in the musical field!

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