June 23, 2024

Robert Clergerie or all the fashion at your feet ...

Robert Clergerie, a famous luxury shoe-maker, is delighted with his creations season after season ... Since 1978, when he took over the Roman shoe company, better known as UNIC, Robert Clergerie has struggled to make his company (and this in the space of a few years) a reference in the world of footwear, like Charles Jourdan and Stéphane Kélian. It will take until the winter of 1981 to launch its first collection, which will be sold in the shop at 5 rue du Cherche-Midi, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

The ascent of the Robert Clergerie company is dazzling, and sees proliferating not without pleasure an impressive number of points of sale, from Tokyo to New York; for an ever wider clientele and especially eager for this charming style that offers them uncompromising Clergerie home.

In 2001, despite a great success, Robert Clergerie decided to retire after a long and beautiful career in the world of high-end shoes. But against all odds it comes back in 2005 (year during which he receives the award of the industrialist of the year), in order to regain control of the company that began to take water ...

From now on, creation takes more space in society, a necessary highlight that allows us to constantly renew ourselves. The manufacture, it is still in France, in Romans, for a label "made in France" which has more proof to make.

Robert Clergerie, an enthusiast who put and who always puts his talent and his love for the fashion in the service of women for whom the pace is important.
"The development of a brand is a subtle blend of organization and passion," is the key to success according to Robert Clergerie.

Note: Since the beginning of January, a capsule collection by Robert Clergerie has been available on the La Redoute sales site. Wedge sandals, derbys and other shopping bags will delight you.


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