April 10, 2021

Roberto Cavalli, the saga of the brand

Who has never heard of the fashion agitator Roberto Cavalli ? His shimmering, explosive, extravagant creations put a little grain of madness in parades haute couture sometimes a little too strict for our taste. We particularly love its bohemian or animal-inspired prints, its leather inlays that awaken the anticonformist fashionista that lies dormant in us. This little fashion genius deserved a dedicated saga!
Everything seemed to predestine the young Roberto Cavalli an artistic career: born in 1940 in Florence, the historical capital of Italian art, he developed a particular aesthetic sense from childhood. After studying at the Art Institute of Florence, he chose to specialize in textile printing.
In 1966, he opened a textile printing factory where he created his first models. No question for this anticonformist to propose conventional creations, he wants to be distinguished by his singular approach to fashion. In constant search of new technical solutions that will allow him to reinvent himself, he lays down at the beginning of the Seventies a patent of printing on leather revolutionary, allowing associations of materials never seen before. Spotted by Hermes and Pierre Cardin, are interested in this revolutionary process, Roberto Cavalli nevertheless continues to develop his personal collections, hoping to one day be recognized as a designer in its own right.
In the early 70's it's done: his creations seduce a young and rebellious clientele in search of originality. Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, all are followers of Cavalli and contribute to the notoriety of the young designer. Favorite creator of rock and hip-hop stars, he begins to organize parades and opens in the wake his first shop in St Tropez.
Roberto Cavalli wife in the early 80s Eva Düringer, young Austrian beauty queen, and away some time parades to devote himself to his family. The competition takes the opportunity to win on the niche. Versace and Jean-Paul Gaultier replace Roberto Cavalli in the hearts of fashionistas.
For almost ten years, Roberto Cavalli hard to win back his followers; his line of prints with motifs inspired by animals earned him a little renewed interest, but it is in 1994 that he really returns to the front of the stage thanks to a line of stretch jeans with an aged look, worn with grains of sand. The stars are tearing them up: Madonna, Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell become regular customers of Roberto Cavalli. Paris, Venice, Milan or New York are soon opening their own shop Roberto Cavalli.
In 1998, Roberto Cavalli launches its first men's ready-to-wear collection. The same year, the line Just Cavalli is born: creations in the purest style Cavalli but at relatively affordable prices, to the delight of fashionista less fortunate.
Two years later, Roberto Cavalli goes out of the fashion trails to start catering: after renovating the Bar Giacosa, he opens the Just Cavalli Caffé in Milan. Then follow the Cavalli Club, high place of trendy Florentine nights.
In 2007, Roberto Cavalli draws a collection for H & M. A unique opportunity for us, modest mows to wear Cavalli at a mini price!
It is a long way from the small textile factory of the beginnings: today, Roberto Cavalli founded a true luxury empire, distributed in more than 50 countries and has boutiques in the world's largest cities. Including the new flagship store in Paris, rue St Honoré: seven floors of 200 m² each, a real place of perdition for the fans that we are!

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