June 4, 2023

Round and fashion: fashion faux-pas to avoid!

Jeans : it is unavoidable! But we stay away from the low sizes that let loose the beads and skinny overexposed our roundness and block the circulation! Direction straight cuts and dark and raw shades ... So much more chic and timeless!
Our favorite: the jeans Nina Belle for Maxi Mode, 38,90? //www.maximode.fr/

Tops with thin straps : There we say well bof! They are very rarely flattering and can even saw the shoulder. We also avoid the T-shirt sleeves that sneeze the arms and cut the line. They prefer wider straps that further balance the bust or long sleeves or three-quarters.
Our favorite: everything that designer Laura Kaminowicz has to offer! We go there with our eyes closed: //www.kamino-paris.fr/

The heels : of course ! They lengthen the silhouette and give a swaying and sexy gait! But we will zap _ as much as possible_ stilettos or small heels very thin: they are too bad for the back and especially for the ankles that are often weakened when you're round. The compensations that are stylish and allow a good distribution of weight are adopted without problem.

Jewelry ... With parsimony ! Some claim that profusely, they can divert attention from our curves. But do we really have something to hide? So let's take for granted the famous "Less is more"! We choose a pretty necklace that lengthens the neck, a big pin pinned at the V of a sweater to subtly direct the eye to our pretty neckline.

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