June 23, 2021

Round and trendy: your advice

Carine, 33 years old
"I measure 1m 65 for 83 kilos and I love the fashion. I often find things at Paprika (a Belgian brand). They have clothing modern. I need to feel good about what I am wearing, but I avoid things that are too big because it gets bigger. I highlight what I have most beautiful: my chest. So I often opt for V necklines.
But it's not just clothes that matter: beautiful makeup and well-coiffed hair is also important. But above all, I feel seductive when I'm in my head ... "
Valérie, 42 years old
La Redoute / Taillissime

"I'm well round, but I try to assume with my pounds too much that the diktats of the fashion often force us to question ourselves. Nevertheless, I like the fashion and I like to seduce. So, I always dress with clothing that allow me to showcase, especially at the neckline.
I wear assorted color sets, I get accessories with jewels, belts but I still have trouble finding everything I want in my size 46/48.
My favorite brands are Halle, Gemo, Armand Thierry, La Redoute and the 3 Swiss. "
Pascale, age 45
"After 20 years of yoyo diets, I went from 38 to 42 years, and now at 45, I decided that I was done with all this nonsense and I'm assuming!
I always had two wardrobes and sincerely, it's in the one for round that I often felt myself. I dare to show my round shoulders and my chest (a little tanned is even better).
The pants are not bad with tunics, black boots (winter) and sweaters with necklines boat or dancer. You can wear a big belt a little low to hide the little belly and, depending on the day, some costume jewelry type jumper or big ring.
But it can also play classy and sober, which is for a round the best assets, provided you find unstructured cuts, asymmetrical, high cut ends, long vests in veil or linen.
You have to know how to highlight what is good. Everyone has a chance to please and especially to please! It is enough to be good about yourself and to stop suffering, as a perfect consenting victim, a fashion made for a girl! "

MC 50 years
"I am 1m 66 for 65 kg and I define myself as real round and notin the flesh as they say falsely ".
My tips fashion : play on the accessories and black, high heels, super-personalized makeup and jewelry. I love bare shoulders, because the rounds have the most beautiful shoulders of the earth ...
It's true that at age 50, we do not care a bit about what others think, but I pretend to have a minimum of taste. The fashion used wisely (its colors, lengths, shapes, fabrics) can be an asset. "
Palmyra 45 years old

Viladoh 2007

"I'm 45. I'm round and I do not let myself go, I keep my curves.I have trouble finding things my size, it's usually done for girls" without curves ". But that's good, I like to have a unique style and good to me: good classics with beautiful accessories passed to MA moulinette. I go to C & A and H & M because I can not afford a lot of money.
In my city, there is an African woman who makes tunics of madness, with necklines that highlight my chest and perfectly marry my forms. I also put a lot of scarves in my hair, like seventies.
When I go to Paris, I go for a walk in thrift stores, we find things not bad and cheap.
I never wear short things that suck or cut the waist. Never collar too high, it's memere.
And above all, I stand straight, always! And I laugh, I smile, I look ... I'm a gourmand of life, finally that's what counts and makes us irresistible to others! "
Amandine, 21 years old
"I am 1m70 for 95 kilos.I have always been round and this is not a problem for me! I love getting dressed by going for a walk in the small streets of Marseille, at H & M and C & A. I find high to almost everywhere (I like the necklines to put my chest in value).
For pants, it's still a little more difficult, but I get there! I'm better in pants or cropped pants, the skirts are not made for me! Otherwise, I buy simple things that I personalize. "
Karine, 30 years old
"I'm 1m69 for 97 kilos.In spite of the evolution of mentalities, I find that it is still difficult to find fashionable clothes when one is round. For my part, I dress at M & S Fashion and I find that there are a lot of pretty things. I do not necessarily look for clothes to put my curves in value but rather in which I feel good.
I wear mostly black, but for some time, I let the color take place in my clothing. "

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