May 29, 2023

Royal Palace! The sovereign laugh

Director: Valérie Lemercier
Scenario: Valérie Lemercier and Brigitte Buc
Actors: Valérie Lemercier, Lambert WilsonDenis Podalydès, Mathilde Seigner, Catherine Deneuve, Michel Aumont ...
In theaters since November 23

Once upon a time, a prince and a princess ...
Following the death of his father monarch, and thanks to a decree more than fishy putting his eldest on the sidelines, prince Arnaud (Lambert Wilson) is crowned in haste. And this to the delight of the Queen Mother (Catherine Deneuve), for whom he has always been the favorite. So, his wife Armelle (Valérie Lemercier), is propelled by his side on the throne.

The fairy tale turns sour
The problems start there. Because the nice speech therapist does not seem cut for her new responsibilities. She accumulates the blunders of protocol and takes, in return, full face (the driver is not for nothing), until it surprises her husband deceiving her, and decides to make him pay .

Our verdict: knife-cut characters
Lambert Wilson as a lazy prince, not very smart and a little handsome, Denis Podalydès in the proleteur boot lick, Mathilde Seigner in unbearable imitation ... the third film of Valérie Lemercier As a director, her main asset is the accuracy of her characters. Each role is so well built that the actors feast ... And the list does not stop there: Catherine Deneuve embodies a mother queen dishonest, haughty but down to earth, accompanied by the ceremonious Michel Aumont. Note also the appearances of Didier Benureau and Maurane.

Special mention to Valérie Lemercier herself
The director has reserved the most accomplished role of this pleiad. Because the Armelle that she interprets passes, all in delicacy, of the abusive kindness ("Good, it does not write with a C", her husband points out to her) at the stage of intriguing calculator ("I preferred when you was nice, "said his daughter). A reversal jacket for the most zany situations. Because if some gags are agreed, most are hilarious.

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