March 1, 2021

Royal Wedding: the designer of the Pippa Middleton dress revealed

J-1! In which dress will appear tomorrow the sumptuous Kate Middleton ? That's the question ... No info on the secret so dress, on the other hand, claims to know who will design the dress Pippa Middleton, young sister of the future princess. According to the American website, the bridesmaids will wear a creation by Alice Temperley, stylist of Temperley London, here is one of dresses presented in parade above. If originally, the designer was mostly considered for her dresses for young girls close to London's preppy uniform, Temperley has taken an international scale in haute couture with more graphic and colorful creations.

The information is in any case credible since Pippa and the mother of Kate Middleton, Carole, were seen at a brand showroom this month. Could the bride-to-be choose the same designer for her bridesmaids and for her dress bridal? In fact, Alice Temperley's style, half-class traditional half-whimsical might well please the Miss Kate Middleton. But persistent rumors tended to Sophie Cranston or Alexander McQueen ...



Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Revealed - The Royal Wedding - BBC (March 2021)