December 1, 2021

Sébastien Chabal guardian angel of the children, the first general public site exclusively dedicated to the safety of children, has just elected its official sponsor: Sébastien Chabal ! "Today, I am godfather of so that the information reaches the parents. Through prevention, people can be made to understand that harmless behavior can be dangerous. " highlighted Sébastien Chabal.


These reassuring words, pronounced to the children sitting on his knees for the photo, alone illustrate the reasons why the founder of the site Jean-Charles Ostorero solicited him as godfather. "My choice was quickly on Sébastien Chabal. I was looking for a young media personality, representing a generation of modern parents, capable of embodying values ​​of security but also of benevolence and moral exemplarity.


Whatever the heading they go to: the house, the city, the school, the family, the planet ... they are constantly accompanied by the little ghost Célestin who guides them. Célestin is the hero of the risk prevention of the cartoon series broadcast since 1996. Children have fun while moving towards a better understanding of the risks of life, the Internet. They are also sensitized to responsible citizenship through cartoons, mini-games and age-appropriate advice.


"My little Lily-Rose can go on the Internet, but with my wife, we do not let her sail alone, so we discovered, looking for a site that is both safe and interesting. Plus, she loves cartoons Celestine " precise Sébastien Chabal.


For parents, is a great tool for information and prevention because the list of daily dangers to which children are exposed is long: Internet, accidents of everyday life or traffic, games dangerous. A versatile site to reassure and inform families !